Thomas Miller 'Amour Fou' Album Artwork

EP Review: Thomas Miller – Amour Fou

‘Amour Fou’ Is the debut EP from singer-songwriter Thomas Miller (who I managed to get an Interview with as well) and I was lucky enough to be able to review it, for those who are interested, the title is French and translated means ‘Crazy Love’, Tracks 1, 2 and 4 were produced, mixed and mastered at Axis Sounds by B. Cunningham and Track 3 was produced, mixed and mastered by P. Duffin.

‘Amour Fou’ is the title track for the EP and was also the first track up for review, I always worry when listening to title tracks because if they aren’t great then it doesn’t set the tone right for the rest of the EP but fortunately Thomas Miller is no slouch and in my opinion ‘Amour Fou’ was fantastic. Doing these reviews I get to listen to a lot of different music, pretty much all of it I’ve found something I liked about it because for me music is about expression and so as long as I can sense something in the song even if it’s not my taste then it’s good, occasionally I’m lucky enough to find tracks like this which already sound like my type of music, not necessarily overly polished or generic, although this track was well put together and has a familiar note to it but something that just kind fits with my tastes in music, so as much as I can say without beating you over the head with it, this first track met the high standards a title track deserves and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to it.

‘Beautiful Yesterday’ was up next and it was another strong addition to the EP it was different from the previous track, both were very electronic but whereas Amour Fou was soft and slower, this track had a far more energetic beat to it and much sharper chords. The change came quite well because it drags you out of the emotional daze that slower songs can put you in, but despite the differences between the two tracks, there’s a distinct internal consistency between both songs that is impressive because not every musicians remembers that as much as each song has its own story to tell an album or an EP should be part of a larger composition. I liked this song and listened to it a lot before I came to write the review, It’s one of those songs that’s just perfect for travelling and thinking.

‘Inside I’m bruised’ mixes the styles of the two previous tracks, more energy than the first but softer than the second, it has an ethereal quality that’s produced from the synth and from the echoing repetition of the voices. It might just be a product of how I listen to music, at least when I’m reviewing but of the tracks I’ve reviewed I found that this one was best if you just sat back and listened and let it wash over you.

‘I’m still waiting for you’ Is very different from all three of the other tracks in the EP less electronic but still with a pronounced edge of synth. It’s a strong pick for the last track on the EP and as I’d said from the second track, throughout the EP Thomas Miller has managed to do something different with each track while maintaining a thread throughout each song that binds them all together.

So overall I really liked ‘Amour Fou’ I think its a very strong debut EP and I look forward to hearing more from Thomas Miller, if you want to hear more from him yourself then here’s a link to his Bandcamp and if you want to keep up to date with him then follow him on Facebook.


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