EP Review: The Ranzas – Save me Now

The Ranzas ‘Save me Now’ Album Artwork

The Ranzas are a five piece New-wave Indie Fuzz Pop group from Ayrshire, made up of Connor Adam on Guitar, James Mulholland on Guitar, Murray Brough on Bass, Lyle Kennedy on Vocals and Julie Dunabie on Drums. This isn’t the only time I’ve reviewed The Ranzas, and if you want to check that out then click here

‘Save Me Now’ is the title track of the EP as well as first up so I had high expectations for it and I wasn’t let down, strong opening with an immense guitar riff that shows the guitarists really know their stuff. The singer has a really good voice and isn’t overpowered by the instruments, something that’s sometimes overlooked by other bands. I feel like this sets you up perfectly for the rest of the EP, because it all has that distinct style, well put together and unambiguously rock, I was also excited to hear how the acoustic version of this track sounded.

‘Glasgow Green’ was just as good as ‘Save Me Now’ these guys really know how to work together, sometimes you can feel like one instrument is overshadowing the other but that’s not the case of The Ranzas which is especially surprising considering the size of their group. ‘Glasgow Green’ is the perfect example of a rock tune, its unique and not an imitation of old school rock but at the same time this track could be at home in any decade from now back to the 80’s.

‘I Ain’t One of Them’ had an immense intro, an awesome riff counterpointed by some talented drumming, and both working with the singer very well. I listened to this track the most and I’m not sure what It was a liked most about it just that it was an all around good song. I feel like this track especially would be even better live, something about it screams the need for a stage and a real audience, and I really hope I get a chance to hear them live soon.

‘Bucket List’ is right in the middle of the EP and it doesn’t slump, this song starts off with a lot of energy and passion and building momentum. I think this song was probably my favourite on the EP and it’s reminded me of a few things I’ve still got to do on my own bucket list. Again this song would  be really good live, I don’t imagine there wouldn’t be anyone not on their feet by the end of it.

‘Tell Me Something I Don’t Know’ I liked the title and I really liked the song, it had a fun little riff right after the intro, which was a little funky for lack of a better word. This really reminded me of stuff I used to listen to, it was a little playful but with a lot of edge to it as well.

‘Shh Shh Honey’ had great build up from the start that paid off well, you can tell from this song especially that there are no slouches in The Ranzas lineup. I don’t want to give the impression you can’t enjoy this from the comfort of your own home because honestly the EP is great and you should buy yourself a copy but again I think this song would go from a 10 to an 11 on the scale if it were performed live.

‘Sinner – Acoustic’ was really good, slower than the previous additions to the EP as befitting an acoustic track but still really well received. I liked this almost as much as ‘Bucket List’ because it was just a really strong and enjoyable song.

‘Save Me Now – Acoustic’ as I said I’d been looking forward to this track, I wanted to see how it sounded as an acoustic track and I’m glad to say it does quite well, it gives the singer more of a chance to show us what he’s got and the simple guitar accompaniment is perfect for this song. It’s definitely got a different vibe to the other version but it’s really good nonetheless and a perfect way to end the EP.

So that’s what I thought of The Ranzas debut EP ‘Save Me Now’ and if you want to check that out for yourself then head on over to Spotify. Support the band by following them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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