EP Review: The Cairds – Self-titled EP

The Cairds Album Artwork

The Cairds are a three piece indie/power pop/rock ‘n’ roll group from Kilmarnock made up of Andy Kerr on Guitar/Vocals, Adam MacDonald on Bass/Vocals and Blair Innes on Drums. Today I will reviewing their self titled EP which was released on February 17, 2017 and was Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by James MacKenzie at Soundshape Productions, Greenock. This isn’t the only time I’ve reviewed The Cairds, and you can check that out here. Also if you want to know a bit more about the band then check out this interview I did with them by clicking here.

‘The Buck Stops Here’ has a drum intro that I loved, it’s not too heavy but adds a counterpoint to the vocals which are very strong and remind me a little of Oasis. I liked this song and I think i’ll be humming it for weeks. Plus towards the end of the track there is a great little guitar hook that’s just incredible.

‘Poisonous Games’ has my favourite intro by far, it’s a nice balance of instruments before the vocals kick in. I’d say this has a little more going on than in the first track which may be why I liked it a little better. Like most of the tracks on this EP I think I’ll find myself thinking about them for a while, this song particularly got stuck in my head since I first had a chance to listen to it. It also has a really good remix which you can check out here on Youtube and I’d like to say at least in my opinion it’s better than the original.

‘Going Nowhere Fast’ changes tact a little from the first couple of songs and is far more upbeat, switching to an acoustic guitar which is always a good sound. I can’t quite place what I liked most about it because the entire EP is quite strong but this one got me replaying it a few times before I was satisfied and that’s really the best you can hope for in a song. I think while the acoustic track makes it a far more upbeat song it’s quite mellow as well it’s not going to have you up on your feet dancing, but maybe that’s not what it’s meant to do.

‘Maybe One Day’ mirrors the buck stops here because both start with a drum Intro but Maybe One Day is distinctly heavier and has a little more volume to it. This song has more bite than the others in the EP. I loved the guitar in it which weaves in and out through the lyrics and gives them more edge.

So that’s what I thought of The Cairds debut self-titled EP and if you want to check that out then you can head on over to Bandcamp. Make sure and support the band by following them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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