Single Review: Sway – Planet Earth

Sway 'Planet Earth' Album Artwork

For those of you unfamiliar with Sway, they are a four piece Alternative rock/Indie Band based in Paisley, Renfrewshire and they are made up of Matt Aitchison on Guitar, Jonjoe McGirr on Guitar, Craig Milroy on Bass and David Roberts on Drums. This isn’t the only time I’ve reviewed them as well, and if you want to check out those reviews them click here or here. If you would like to find out more about Sway then you can check out the interview I did with them by clicking here. Sway is set to launch this new single ‘Planet Earth’ on the 21st April 2017 at Broadcast (on Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow) so head along if you can for a great night. Anyway, I received an advanced copy of this track ahead of its debut, and here’s what I thought.

Planet Earth’ This track is incredibly well built up, a mixture of upbeat musical fills and consistent and energetic guitar sequences. This song has a strange quality to it that I struggled to describe, eventually I landed on ephemeral, now to explain I’m not saying the song is gone as soon as you’re listening to it but rather it has this strange way of bending round you and capturing you off guard, to borrow some swimming imagery from their previous single, it’s like coming up from a pool and suddenly having the music wash over you. Now maybe that’s just me but this song needs a few listens to get it. But it only takes one to like it. The vocals are also top notch but also seem like you’re in a dream state listening to them, this song is the kind of thing you listen to and just fall into, sure it’s full of energy and rhythm but I feel like you aren’t necessarily meant to get up and jump about, but maybe just sit and listen and take in.

As a special bonus I also reviewed a bonus track that was sent to me along with their new single ‘Planet Earth’, so keep reading below for a little extra.

Give You It All’ I claimed the last track isn’t meant to have you on your feet, this is the exact opposite, this has a little more edge and drive to it and would be excellent for a live performance, it just has the right balance of music and vocals, strong guitar sequences that build from the start, before merging with the drums and bass just perfectly and vocals that manage to keep the style of the previous track while doing something completely different. The previous track is for days spent thinking, and this track is for when you’re done thinking and want to get up and move.

So that’s what I thought of Sway’s singles ‘Planet Earth’ and ‘Give You It All’ and if you want to check them out for yourself then head on over to Bandcamp. Support the band by following them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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