Album Review: Monkoora – Nuclear BB

Monkoora 'Nuclear BB' Album Artwork

Monkoora (real name – Julie Fern Crawford) is a 22-year-old producer, singer and visual artist based in Glasgow. I’ll be reviewing her EP ‘Nuclear BB’ which was released on the 21st April 2017.

‘Bocx Wurld’ First off this song had a tremendous music video which you should all check out as well. It goes incredibly well with this track and its overall vibe. I thought this track was amazing, it’s not often that I can’t think what to say…honestly ask anyone. But I needed multiple listens to gather my thoughts on this, the song is challenging, and quirky and deals with a complex subject matter than more people should take an interest in. I love the electronic style, it really gives the song something, and continues a distinctive style for the artist.

‘Giant White Hs’ was different from the previous track, but no less welcome. I still had the same esoteric edge to it but no one could claim Monkoora is a one note woman. It had as much of a challenging tone to it as ‘Bocx Wurld’ but it just dealt with it differently. I thoroughly enjoyed this track.

‘Vaping on Trains’ I wasn’t too sure what to expect with this track because of the title, but it was another strong electro song, which flow so well, you just get caught up in the fast paced lyrics, supported by what I’d like to call a wave of synth energy. The track was one of my favourites.

‘Repelling Radio’ The opening swell of the intro for this track was amazing, and then it just gets better, this track was definitely my favourite on the EP. This song had a lot of emotion, you can tell that from the get go. I can’t help but hear this track as the soundtrack to some TV show, never sure if that’s a compliment or not but basically what I mean is that it’s engaging, strong, and gives a distinct feel to the listener and would play well in some scene where a character is struggling with a decision or an emotional upheaval. I’ll definitely remember this song in a few weeks, a few months and so for that i say ‘Thanks for the memories’.

‘Alaska 14’ Is a track that I feel would play really well to a live audience, something about the fusion of beats and Monkoora’s vocals would just sound so amazing in a live venue. Not that it not good blaring out of my iPod. I loved the tune to this track, it’s strangely playful and i just really liked it. Enough so that it was another of those tracks I just listened to over and over again to get a clearer picture of the track.

‘Straddlin The Fence’ is the final track on the EP and after the previous tracks each did different and amazing things this one had some big shoes to fill but I think it did really well. Instantly captures you with what to me sounds like when someone plays a song on water filled glasses. This was another song that challenges the audience, as well as society at well and I applaud her for it, I like the messages in her song, they don’t preach they just kinda tell it how it is and that’s something that’s very important.

So that’s what I thought of Monkoora’s EP ‘Nuclear BB’ and you can check that out for yourself on Spotify. Make sure and support Monkoora by following her on Facebook and Twitter.


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