Long Day Living 'Then We Start A Fire' Album Artwork

Long Day Living – ‘Then We Start a Fire’ Album Review

Before I get started on the review I just want to say a little about the band; Long Day Living are a three piece indie/Rock band based in south west Scotland (Prestwick mostly) and I had the pleasure of being able to Interview them and if you want to check that out then feel free to follow this link.

‘Trampoline’ is the first track on Long day Living’s 8 track album ‘Then We Start the Fire’ which was released in late 2016 and it’s also one of the best. A very strong intro to the album and overall a really good track. Its called ‘Trampoline’ so I feel the need to make some stupid joke about how the track is bouncing, and in this case it’s true, the instrumental parts just fuse perfectly and help to add an edge to the singer and it just makes for one really catchy song.

‘Nothing but the Girl’ is the second track and I loved the intro to this track, something very classic rock about it, and it’s got a really nice hook as well. It flows really well and I can’t decide if I like it better than the previous track or not. I’ve had the line “Don’t give up on me I’m two steps from home” stuck in my head for days and I blame Long Day Living for me constantly belting it out for about three weeks straight. I think this track would be really good for a live performance and I know I’ll be requesting it If I get a chance to go to their next gig.

‘Hit the Black’ has a much softer intro, more acoustic where one note just builds as an undertone to the melodic tones of the singer. This was a distinct change from the previous two tracks but not an unwelcome one. This felt a lot more indie. Not a criticism by the way. I think this also would be good for a live performance but it does well as a recording as well. If you like a more melancholic song to take the edge off them you’ll like this track.

‘Inevitable’ picks up a little from the previous track but has a ‘a little more fire in its eyes’…sorry I’m a sucker for a bad joke or reference. I really liked this track and it was another like the first track that I just kept listening to over and over again. It doesn’t need repeated listening to appreciate but I think you like it more the more you listen. Maybe I’ve just a one track mind though.

‘Then We Start a Fire’ Okay so we come to the titular track on the album. This has an atmospheric and reverberate intro before the singer comes in. I feel this might have been better either as an opening track to ease us in as listeners or a final track to end the thing because it’s really easy listening and you might get sucked into a lull. The song does pick up near the two minute mark and overall the song is really good but I think it’s not doing its best at its current place on the album.

‘Twice in a Blue Moon’ As a writer I love titles and this one was by far my favourite, when I first came to listen to the album to write this review I was hoping this track would be good and live up to such an evocative and clever name, and I have to say it didn’t let me down. And I can say in all seriousness that I’ll be listening to the track more than once in a blue moon.

‘Nothing to Shout About’ had one of my favourite openings, a guitar thrumming before the singer breaks in and it also has some strong lyrics. ‘Took someone wiser than me to point out I can dress it up however I like, but really its nothing to shout out’ is by far my favourite line in the song and one of the most powerful in this surprisingly understated track.

‘No Sooner Here than Gone’ is the final track of the album and it rounds off the rest of the album reasonably well, a weirdly funky backing track…I’m so sorry for calling you guys funky by the way but it’s the only word that really kept occurring to me. Funky or not I really liked this track and I think it was one of my personal favourites overall.

So those are my thoughts on Long Day Living’s album Then We Start a Fire if you think it sounds like your type of stuff and you want to find out more about the band then like them on Facebook you can also keep up to date with them via their Twitter.


 First Published on: www.newhellfireclub.co.uk

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