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Anomalies EP ‘The Ghost of Her’ Review

So before I get going with the review a little about the band, they’re from Ayrshire and are a three piece ambient rock group made up of Bryan Miller, Ruaraidh Quinn and Jordan Galt. If you want to find out a little more then check out this interview i did with them way back in March as it happens this isn’t the first time I’ve had a chance to review something from Anomalies a few months back I had the chance to review an older EP and I literally only had good things to say about it, if you want to have a read at that as well then check it out here but okay that’s enough of that, on with this review.

‘Vs magic’ was up first and it was different, I spend so much time listening to classic rock and metal that it can be jarring to hear something different but while I was expecting something else I really liked what I got. It maintained a slow undertone while still injecting plenty of energy into it. I hate using this word, especially so early in a review but a lot of Anomalies music has this awesome ethereal quality to it, like you just kinda get swept away in it.

‘When she falls in love’ was faster than the previous track but still maintained that ethereal quality. I’ve had a busy week so far and this song was on a loop while I was working and it really helped it’s perfect to listen to when you’re trying to distract yourself from the world. I felt this last time I reviewed their work as well, Anomalies music is excellent to listen to if you just want to sit back and just forget the world….and sorry about the almost Snow Patrol quote.

‘Catch a glimpse’ starts off with an almost relaxing wave of ringing synth notes before shifting to something a little more upbeat, I wasn’t sure about this song at first, right in the middle of the EP and starting off with such a gentle opening it might put the listener into a lull but it picks up as the song goes on, building up enough momentum to keep you paying full attention.

‘In the light of day’ had my favourite intro off the EP, it was just very classic with the strings and subtle drums, it really just works, I liked this song alot. Out of all the tracks I think this one also shows the talents of the singer the most as well, here the music is a little more subdued and gives his voice a chance to shine.

‘As enders go’ had another really great intro, the lads from the anomalies really did save the best stuff for last, and again I’m struck by how good their music is to get lost in, long notes that reverberate and fill a room, I liked the title for this one as well something about it is just really enigmatic and cool and I plan to ask what It means when I talk to them again. This track also gave the singer more of a chance to go and overall it just works, the perfect balance of their unique and profound music and a singer that can do a lot between the notes.

So I hope you’re all looking forward to August 25th when ‘The Ghost of Her’ drops, get it as soon as you can because you won’t regret it. Now if you want to hear what else the band has to offer then check out their Soundcloud here and if you want to keep up to date with the band then follow them on Facebook.


First Published on: www.newhellfireclub.co.uk 

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