Remembrance of a Rose by Thomas Neil

Remembrance of a Rose by Thomas Neil

A beautiful golden rose,

Our lord is searching and he has choose.

Giving her love until all is gave,

If only she had the strength to save.

A saddened lonely heart,

We say farewell for now we part.

Our fallen daughter who shines so bright,

For now she’s passing with a whispered goodnight.

No longer must she fight,

For now her heart has taken flight.

She should have left this world so mightily,

But instead she was taken from us when we needed her so vitally.

She stayed true to her path with great conviction,

Despite the most grim prediction.

Now as we feel such painful sorrow,

We see the end with our farewell tomorrow.

Now above and beyond her spirits are soaring,

The lord above looking and adoring.

Although her condition was the most frightening,

She smiled so broadly because her outlook was brightening.


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