From the Shadows by Thomas Neil

From the Shadows by Thomas Neil

From within the shadows and faded dark,

You passed so close and brought a spark.

Once I thought that I was blind,

till you held out a hand to find.

Do not fear and do not be scared,

for we’re both unsure of what we shared.

I’m finding words to help me say,

that my heart was once led astray.

Your gentle gaze just draws me back,

and I find in you what I always lack.

I swear that i don’t intend to mislead,

because hurting you would be my biggest misdeed.

Just forgive and forget,

because your pain is my biggest regret.

I hope to find truth and appraisal,

In your eyes so vibrant and hazel.

you don’t know like but you left your mark,

please don’t let me drift back into the dark.


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