Deep Inside by Thomas Neil

Deep Inside by Thomas Neil

Hold the hand that’s hard of heart,

For they shall not weep if you depart.

No tear-filled eyes just a steadfast face,

But their heart is racing a pounding pace.

Deep inside they feel such sorrow,

Missing their emotions and they wish to borrow.

Time passes quickly and yet nothing has changed,

Once so close and now estranged.

Finally tears come from a man so brave,

Once so strong, now your affections he’ll crave.

From the Icy depth storm a beating passion,

when he cared so little, like caring is a ration.

A weakened smile from one so hard,

Like his heart has left and all that is remaining is a shard.

Spending so long in the darkness uncaring,

The light of emotions is all too glaring.

A single tear cascades down his cheek.

Once so bold and yet now so meek.

So the lesson is learned to embrace one’s heart.

Revived from the cold,

kicked into start.


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